Are you subject to penalty if you do not have health insurance is 2019?

The short answer is NO.

According to “Earlier this year, Congress passed a tax law repealing the individual mandate. This means that you will no longer have to pay a fine to the federal government if you choose to go without health insurance, starting in 2019. However, the Affordable Care Act and its many patient protections will continue to stand.” Four states have already passed individual mandate laws requiring individuals to continue to have health insurance: DC, Mass, NJ, Vermont, although Vermont’s vote was too late for 2019 and the mandate will be in effect for 2020. California is on the list of states CONSIDERING its own mandate, but as of now, you are not required to carry health insurance in the state of California for 2019.


*Please note: all of this information is assumed credible and has been found online. Sources sited. Every effort has been made to relay the information accurately. Please do your own research before making any changes to your health insurance.