Anthem | Blue Cross, UCLA and Cedars

Anthem/Blue Cross sent out an email today to clarify some misleading information that has been recently released:

Cedars Sinai and UCLA continue to be in Anthem Blue Cross’ Full Network
An article published today by the Los Angeles Times is creating confusion with potentially misleading information about the Anthem Blue Cross provider network. We would like to clarify the following facts:The City of Los Angeles made a decision to offer an Anthem health plan to their employees that excludes providers from Cedars Sinai and UCLA. Although Cedars Sinai and UCLA do not participate in our Select HMO network, they provide important services to our community and play a valuable role in advancing research and medical education. We value our relationship with both organizations and the services they provide to our members.Anthem offers a wide variety of plans and networks to meet different customer’s needs. We want to reassure you that Cedars and UCLA providers continue to be included in most of our plans.If you have questions about narrow networks or Anthem’s provider network coverage please contact your Anthem representative.